Don’t Finish It … TROY It

About Troy

TROY CONTRACTING & TRADING LLC is a Greek-Egyptian company operating in the field of building finishes. Our core business is Building-Insulations, and applications that need extra care and professional craftsmanship.

We are specialized in providing Supplying & Application solutions for:

  • Integrated Thermal Insulations and Water Proofing, and Damp Proofing Systems, for all areas of the building
  • Indoor & Outdoor Performance Coatings, for Industrial and Commercial use: industrial floors, car parkings, swimming pools, wooden floors & decks, and many other applications.

In TROY CONTRACTING & TRADING LLC we understand the Standards of the market and adjust with it to provide the best service, efficiently and on time.



We issue up to 25-years warranty certificates for our Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing Systems.

In order to achieve the highest durability and integrity of our systems, we are in constant collaboration with the technical teams of our main suppliers, who provide training to our teams, analyze proposed specifications, and supervise / inspect the application methodology.


Our experienced technicians will help to determine the system that best fits your needs and budget.

We work professionally and care about your property, ensuring we always deliver what we promised.



Our vision is to be in the leading position as the contractor whose reputation is built on the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing high quality services. Specialists in our respective fields, we are in the position to provide the best solution for the construction industry, always dedicated to performance, quality, and ongoing development and research.


Our mission is an ongoing path of Ethics, professionalism, and Integrity. We are committed to maintain our position through our superior quality services, continuous improvement and strategic alliances with key suppliers


  • Innovation: We provide innovative products and solutions aimed at adding value, saving resources and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence: We improve ourselves, our products and our company every day, racing to be the best.
  • Environment: Our systems and products are eco-friendly, saving-energy, and respect and protect the environment.


  • Quality work Environment.
  • Adding value to our customers
  • Being the preferred partner and solutions provider.