Minimal energy consumption:

Sustainable buildings and in particular energy efficiency in buildings has become a key benchmark of a successful building design.
In TROY we make sure that our systems Insulate buildings in such a way that it can:

  • Reduce heating and cooling related energy consumption.
  • Give tremendous ecological benefits.
  • Improve Air-Comfort (bio-climatic living conditions).
  • Substantial cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Can be installed on both new builds and refurbishments.

Raw materials – Less is more!

  • TROY proactively works to source environmentally friendly materials of high quality.
  • TROY’s Systems are designed to be efficient – saving labor, freight (and the associated carbon footprint) thereby using less of nature’s precious resources.
  • Automated and innovative application techniques ensures no products go to waste.

Water – a precious commodity!

  • TROY has a strict no water wastage policy and ensures all water is put to good use.
  • Wherever feasible we recycle clean waste water from the application process

TROY is a supporter of building green

The environmental impact of buildings are often underestimated, while the perceived costs of green buildings are overstated. TROY believes in sustainable building and actively works to promote awareness, and to inspire the construction industry to build green in a cost effective way.